Big Things Come In Small Packages


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I made a new friend this week. She goes by Katherine but I think I’ll call her Kate. (I don’t even know if she likes the name Kate it’s just that I’m a nick-namey kind of person. For example, I don’t call appetizers hors d’oeuvres I call them snick-snacks. I don’t call disorganization a mess, I call it mish-mosh. You can see now why I would have trouble calling my new friend Katherine.)

Kate and I met through a thread on a Facebook community. Kate was sharing about this thing called PTL.  All I could think of was, “Praise the Lord.” or “Pass the Lettuce.”

Turns out PTL stands for Pocket Testament League. I “watched” Kate converse throughout the thread for a couple of days. I was hesitant to jump in because quite frankly the word League reminded me of baseball, which in turn reminded me of how ridiculously terrible I am at sports (or anything else that involves hand-eye coordination). It’s a miracle I can type.

But the more I followed Kate the more intrigued I became. As I began to understand snippets of what PTL was about I could feel a warmth start to rise in my chest (and it wasn’t the burrito I’d had for lunch).

No, what I began to feel was the remarkable sense that something small was going to turn into something big.

Have you ever had that happen?

The moment you decided to risk it all and ask that fella for a date? Turns out he became the love of your life. How about the neighbor you were afraid to ask over for supper but you “had a feeling” and twenty years later they’re still you best friend.

The warmth in my heart was that.  So I drew a breath and sent her a personal message. Something like “Hey Katherine, (I’m saving Kate for when we meet in person.) if we don’t bump into each other at the conference here’s my number. Text me at your convenience. Maybe we can meet?”

Well, she didn’t text me she called me. Moments later we were on the phone. By the end of the conversation God had whispered two things into my heart;

Thing #1

“How do you like your new friend and you’re welcome.” To which I replied, “I liked her a lot and you didn’t even give me chance to say thank you.”

Thing #2

“This is just the beginning.” To which I replied, “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” He refrained from further comment. (Silence on His end isn’t uncommon but it occurred to me that maybe I shouldn’t have been so sassy about the thank you.)

Long story short, I’ve been learning a great deal about PTL and I’m impressed. But more than that——–I’m excited.  This not so little group is changing the world one tiny pocket testament at a time. I mean seriously, is there anything more powerful than HIS word?

I was excited for the PTL team. I was excited for the folks who receive testaments. But the honest to goodness truth? I was excited for me.

You see before I had even talked to Kate that morning, I had been poking around the PTL website. Kicking the tires so to speak. I watched a little video on how the ministry works. Tears welled up in my eyes as I wondered at the audaciousness of it all…could I really do that?

Could I pass out a tiny pocket testament?

This is a legitimate question friends.  You see, Alexander may have had a no good, very terrible day but you’re talking to a no good, very terrible evangelist. Kid you not. Those spiritual gift inventories? Yeah well, evangelism was so far down on the bottom of mine they handed me a shovel so I could dig up the findings.

I. Am. Afraid.

Writing? Blogging? That I can do. I’m safe here behind my keyboard.

But the excitement I felt when I watched the video flowed from the ray of hope that maybe, just maybe, I could actually reach out to someone in person. Don’t get me wrong. I’m completely convinced that some of us are seed sowers, other’s harvesters. Heck, I’m pretty sure there’s room in the kingdom for those that weed and water. It’s just that when it comes right down to it I think I’ve used that as an excuse.

People are lost.

The world is a hurting place and I am fully convinced that God’s word is the only thing that can ever bring true healing. God’s word. Not mine. Not blogs or books I write. Not fancy talks I give at retreats. No, the thing a lost world needs is His word.

Excuse me. What was that? Oh, now He wants to say something,

“Cin (He uses nicknames too) that’s why I made YOU. You have nothing to fear. Listen for leading. Be obedient. I will take care of the rest.”

So I’ll sign off with a new name. Now I’m Ambassador Cindy. I’ll be working with PTL. They’re going to send me up to thirty new testaments a month so I can honor His whispers and make His word known.

If you want to learn more I hope you’ll check out this link!

Pocket Gospels

Pocket Testament League.

Your DoAhead “Ambassador” Friend,


  1. Yes we are all wounded one way or another. We need to be kinder to one another. And to allow God to heal us.

    This is truthful and beautiful.

  2. Only my dad called me Kate. Big smile.

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