Nothing’s Holding Me Back

Lifting a Weight 1

I love dialect. So much so I’ve been known to talk to myself in a Scottish brogue while I peel me spuds or with a drawl when I pretend to be Paula Deen whippin’ up Corn Salad.

This explains why the word prompt for today’s post “nothing holding me back” (over at Suzie Eller’s #livefree community) immediately made me think of back fat.

It made sense on so many levels:

  • I could hear Scotty from Star Trek saying “Nothin’s holdin’ me back!”
  • I knew he wasn’t talking about lithium crystals because fresh in my mind was the swimsuit I choose to wear over the Fourth of July.
  • The presence of back fat was confirmed when I was faced with a difficult choice:
    • Should I choose a suit that was tight enough to stay up but the constraints of which produced a “foldage” of skin over the top of the suit?
    • Or should I eliminate said “foldage” by wearing a suit that was not as tight but could potentially fall down.

The convo in my mind played out, “Too bad there’s not a suit that can hold in my chest AND hold in my back.” But alas,

I had nothing to hold in my back.

Because I love my family and did not want them scar them for life I opted for the tighter suit that would remain in place. The suit stayed up and the skin flowed over. I was reminded that I needed to get serious about lifting weights. But something was holding me back.

It’s a gnarly word with too many letters and its ugly reach has no business in my soul.


You see, earlier in the summer I’d already given weight lifting a try. “Foldage” was already on my radar. And honestly, I thought it would be just plain healthy to go to a gym. The first few times were AWESOME! I  virtually had the gym to myself. My iPod was cranked as I jumped on the elliptical. I’d get my blood pumping and then I’d tackle the weight machines.

Now and then, I would look in the mirror to check my weightlifting technique. My confidence began to soar and after a few weeks I felt like Rocky Balboa. Nothing was gonna hold me back!


One afternoon the local college football team decided to workout during the time frame that I was supposed to have the gym to myself. (I know. Do you believe it? How inconsiderate of them.) It was hard not to notice them. I mean good gravy…they were benching 200 pounds, doing curls with 40 pounds and squats with what looked to be the weight of my entire house. My 15 pound bench press looked like a Fiat parked next to Peter-built.

I was intimidated.

Ever been there?

According to the definition of intimidation is “to be overawed or cowed, as through the force of personality or by superior display of wealth, talent, etc.” (May I add strength?)

What’s a DoAhead to do?

I believe the answer lies in a play on words and beautiful song I hope you’ll take two minutes to hear. You see, the direct opposite of being intimidated is to be emboldened. There is only one thing that has ever truly emboldened me.

It’s the moment I go from thinking “Nothing’s holding me back” to ——–

“I’m holding nothing back.”

The first mentality lands me in Crazy Town. I start to think I’m all capable and super-human about this or that. Inevitably, I end up on an abandoned gravel road. Unlike its counter part, the second mentality is wrought with real power. When I decide my best strategy is surrender, my Fiat efforts morph into an all-terrain Humvee.

When we recognize our strength comes from Him, through Him and is for Him…well girlfriends we need to buckle up ’cause we’re goin’ for real ride!

Enjoy the video. It’s message is a keeper.

I hope you can steal a moment or two this weekend to visit Suzanne Eller’s site and hear from other women and their take on “nothin’ holding me back”.

“I can do all things through Him who gives me strength.” Philippians 4:13

Your (strapped in) DoAhead Friend,


  1. Hi Cindy,
    It really is in the surrendering words of, “I’m holding nothing back” that frees my heart from intimidation! Yes, yes and Amen! #livefreeThursday

  2. I laughed out loud. I love your writing and I can imagine you peeling potatoes while speaking in your Paula Deen voice. #lovethis

  3. Crystal Hornback says:

    Cindy! I adore you!!! We are kindred spirits, as dialogue is one of my thangs, honey!!!! I get all the crazy looks, and don’t even care… it’s too much fun! This post is the. best. and I love your take on the subject. Always love your words, sweet lady! #livefreeThursday

  4. Hi Cindy! I love this! I’ve been so fixated lately on what I perceive as holding me back and never stopped to think about what I might be holding back. I truly enjoyed reading this! Thanks for your insight and inspiration! ( I said that with my nasal Michigander accent)
    PS. I’m right there with you on the back fat….ugh!

    • Yeah! Another accent! Okay, actually i’m more excited that we’re on the same page with the holding nothing back thing, but we can do it with an accent right? Have a GREAT weekend!

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