Early Morning Moon

Morning Moon 1

I am not a very still person. I’ve been told I’m hyper. I think it was a compliment, but technically I’m not sure. Truth be told, I think we’re all a bit “hyper”. Can we afford to be anything less? Our days spin like tops wound tight.

I used to think life would slow down as my kids got older. I was wrong. The busyness hasn’t left-it simply changed.

When they were tiny tots my quiet time consisted of fleeting, reflective moments on the toilet. That’s right, I said toilet. I say, who cares about the venue——–sometimes a girl needs a little space, a little silence, a moment to be still!

I can still see the book that I kept parked next to the throne, Diapers, Pacifiers and Other Holy Things. We had three littles in three years so I was intimately familiar with diaper demise.

There were plenty of days my calling felt less than holy. But God met my needs through that crazy, busy season. He honored the minuscule time I had. He used those stolen moments of stillness to speak truth into me. My sanctuary in the bathroom served as the conduit for His whispers. Those moments reminded me:

  • He heard my cries for guidance when they were sick.
  • He smiled every time they sat on tiny chairs and read Bible Stories.
  • He protected them a thousand times when I asked.
  • He sang over their cribs and delighted in them.
  • He protected them ten-thousand times when I didn’t think to ask.
  • He carried me when I thought I was beyond exhaustion.

My “met with God moment” would end with a washing of hands and a glance in the mirror. Nine times out of ten the refection upon my exit was very different from the reflection I had entered with.

It’s been nearly twenty years since my sanctifying toilet moments. My season of life has shifted and my pursuit of stillness has moved to the screen porch. The early hours of this morning found me snapping a pic of the sunrise that graced my quiet time. The exquisite reflection of an early morning moon on still water reminded me of everything I just shared.

It occurred to me there was only one reason the moon was perfectly reflected. The water was perfectly still. I have a feeling the same is true for you and me. May I ask,

How still are your waters?

Are you in a constant state of white caps? If so, can you maneuver into a bay, even if for a moment?

If you are in the middle of gusty winds it would be tempting to think there is NO way. “I don’t have time to eat, drink or sleep let alone find a stolen moment with God.”

Can I wrap you in a big hug and whisper truth?

You can’t afford to NOT have a stolen moment with God.

What goes in comes out. He has shown me over the years that He honors even the smallest sacrifice of time. We’ll always come out ahead, because what He puts in is so very, very good.

I’ll sign off with a challenge. Will you do these three things along with me?

Dig It. {Inspiration!}

Take the verse below and consider it your dig into scripture. Try saying the verse every day this week. Each time put the emphasis on a different word. I’ve done it and it’s a great way to maximize all that He desires for the working of His word into our lives.

“Be Still and Know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10

Own It. {Perspiration!}

Think through the implications of this verse in your own life. Are you good at being “still” but sense you need to grow in your “know”? Where ever God takes you remember…NO shame. NO condemnation. These are simply moments (on the toilet, in the car, in bed-for as long as we can keep our eyes open) when we ask, “Lord, please reveal how you want this verse to apply to my life.”

Do It. {Manifestation.}

If we do the above we’ll internalize the truth. In this step we ask God to help us externalize it. My own prayer for this verse would look something like this, “Lord please help this truth change not only the way I think but the way I act.” A word of caution, this is not a “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” theology. No Way. This DoAhead Woman is a grace girl. “D0” is simply our opportunity to surrender and ask God to do the work in and through us.

I’ll be praying for all of us as we chase after stillness…no matter what form, no matter how big, no matter how small.

Your (Grateful to be Still) DoAhead Friend,


  1. Love this! My problem I think is that I’m too still. Since retiring I have been lingering, thinking, but not doing. I’m going to work on not only being still but on doing what God wants me to do, too. I have a long way to go!

    • I think that sounds wonderful! Isn’t it amazing the way God’s spirit reaches down into each of our hearts and speaks to us right where we’re at! Keep listening! I know he has great plans for you!

  2. I needed this Cindy! I am reading this during my “still” time. I have four small kids and get up at 5:15 in order to be still before God. Looking at the picture of still waters, made me realize that I often stir up my waters creating for myself worries and stresses that are unnecessary. And with my youngest starting Kindergarten soon, I realize that soon I will be in a house that is still and quiet, which kind of makes me sad. Time goes by too fast to not be still and KNOW that HE is God! Thank you!

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