Organic Weed Killer

Organic Weed Killer

Gah! I promised to share this nifty little post on an organic, environmentally friendly weed killer last week! (You can see in the pic above how great it worked along the fence line of our garden.)

I don’t know what happened last Tuesday. Let’s blame it on recent occurrences of severe freezer head. Lately, I’m finding numerous excuses to make numerous stops for numerous ice cream treats at our “tiny-town ice cream parlor”.

Perhaps the side affects of “frozen brain” are becoming chronic?

The product I’m excited to tell you about is the result of my sisters research late last summer. We mulch the tar out of the garden so weed control in and amongst the veggies is more than manageable. What wasn’t manageable were the two and three foot weeds that had taken over the fence line.

I suppose we could have pulled them but that would have left less time for trips to the ice-cream parlor. This year marked our first full run at weed control via a vinegar based product.

Weed Control 1

Maestro-Gro Organic Vinegar

If you check out the link above you’ll quickly notice that there a number of similar products available.  You can save money by concocting your own version if you click on the link below Beaker. You’ll find instructions from a nifty fellow that goes by “The Dirt Doctor.”

Beaker 2Organic Herbicide~ The Dirt Doctor

Voila’! You are now equipped to keep those weeds at bay! Hopefully this will help you engage in the satisfying DoAhead that gardening has to offer! If you find that your in more need of encouragement for your heart than for your garden, hop over to Kellie Balarie’s,

You. Will. Be. Encouraged.

Thursday (brain freeze permitting) I’ll be sharing some insight on sight within!

Your (Currently Thawing Her Brain with Cocoa) DoAhead Friend,


  1. Hello Cindy,
    What a darling website! I love “minimizing perspiration maximizing inspiration!” We will have to look into the weed killer. (stopping by from Ra Ra) and loved seeing your site.

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