Ruby Red Lips (How To Make A Scare-Crow)

Ruby Red Lips 2

I can’t help myself. I need to talk about Ruby (our scarecrow in the featured photo is affectionately know as Ruby Red Lips) and other fall decor’.  I’ve always known I liked decor’. I don’t think I realized until recently I need decor’. Our tribe is going through a home re-model. (Uber excited…I’ll post a few pics along the way.) As of a few days ago we officially moved into the lower level of our home so the upstairs could have a little face-lift. 

We live in a second generation home. Doc was born and raised here. So. Many. Memories. Packing things up was far more difficult than either one of us ever dreamed. BUT despite her really good bones our girl needs a little help. Last winter we had to unscrew all the light bulbs in son number two’s bedroom because they wouldn’t shut off. Consequently, a little vein work in the form of new wiring will occur and then of course there are the “while we’re at its”.

No doubt you’ll be hearing successes and saga’s over the next year as they pertain to the project. Today, all I really want to say is, “I miss decorating.” 🙁 Packing up and moving hasn’t allowed time for decorations. Consequently, this is the first time in 19 years Ruby Red Lips has not graced our front door. All of which brings me to the point of today’s post. I’m hoping “ya’ll” will be patient as I re-publish a post on decor from a year ago.

These pics will be the closest I’ll come to seeing my fall favorites. (I know…sob story.) When we’re done looking at them (thanks for being such a doll about it) I’ll share instructions in case you want your own homemade scare-crow.

Fall Candle

Fall Mantle

Pumpkin Candle

Fall Coffee Table


Candy Corn

This DoAhead Woman loves fall. Right next to Christmas, it’s my favorite season. So many decorative choices! Pumpkins and gourds. Leafy wreaths punctuated with iridescent hues from a pheasant feather. Candy corn in jars. The scent of a mulled cider candle. Can I say it again?

I love fall!

And now as promised, instructions on how to make your own scare-crow. Here’s what you’ll need:

Anatomy of a Scarecrow:

  1. Old clothes (pants, long sleeve shirt, hat, shoes & hanker-chief-optional)
  2. Old towels
  3. Pumpkin
  4. 5 Gallon bucket
  5. Raffia & twine
  6. Permanent markers
  7. Nails-Five 2-3 inch nails with large flat head

 Ruby Red Lips 3

Assemblage of a Scare-crow:

  1. “Face Painting”- Use your permanent markers to create the face. Ruby is limited to black for her eyes and red for her voluptuous lips.
  2. Stuff clothes with old towels to form the body.
  3. Place pants on bench (or wherever you want your scarecrow placed) and put the 5 gallon bucket in the waist of the pants (this will keep the pants in place.)
  4. Wrap the “sleeve stuffed” shirt around the bucket. Button the front buttons.
  5. Place your face graced pumpkin on top of the bucket. We use a bandanna around the base of the placed pumpkin so it looks like Ruby has a neck.
  6. Take the raffia and make 2 long braids (tie with twine or string).
  7. Use nails to pound the braids into the top of her head (sorry Ruby).
  8. Next place a hat over the braids and pound it into the head. We use 3 nails (really sorry Ruby).
  9. Take the remaining raffia and bunch it up for “hands” and/or feet. Stuff it into the clothing accordingly.

That’s it!

Thanks for being patient and allowing me to reminisce. I’ll keep you posted on the project…you keep me posted if you make a scare-crow! I’d love to share your pics on DoAhead!

 Your DoAhead Friend,

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