Today’s DoAhead Dining is a piece of cake. Well, actually it’s a tip that’s designed to help if (like me) you’ve had too much cake.

In the interest of healthy eating and sugar minimization we’re trying the fusion of fruit and water, aka.“frusion. (We’re tired of saying, “Please pass the fruit infused water.”)

I know this is not new to most of you but I’m from the Midwest. Everything’s new when you’re from the Midwest. For example, fashion trends take an incredibly long time to reach us. By the time we’re up to speed the phenomena is usually on its second round (as in 20 years later.)

In all seriousness, our family is on a quest to reduce the intake of soda. It’s amazing how tasty “pineapple water” is with a bowl of popcorn.

My daughter and I are really into it so we each have our own bottles. In the pic below you’ll see that she choose to have her fruit on the bottom. Mine is at the top. There’s a filter right above the fruit so when I take a sip the water passes over the fruit, through the filter and onto my oh, so receptive tongue.

Infusion 1

The boys are too cool to have their own bottles but they’ll lay claim to the pitcher full of pineapple. My DoAhead this week was the purchase and preparation of a wide variety of fruit. I’ll keep you posted as we experiment with various combinations.

I’m looking forward to——–

  • Apples with a cinnamon stick
  • Pears and ginger
  • Mandarin combined with kiwi

That’s it for today’s DoAhead Dining. Next Monday I’ll have a tasty version of chilli. Perfect for cold days!

Your (Frusioned) DoAhead Friend,


  1. ohhh-la-laaa! I’ve done frusion here in the eastern part of NC but those containers are just to cool! Do share the exact brand and location of purchase! PS: cucumber is awesome too!

    • Of course! Click the link on the highlighted words “have our own bottle”. It will take you straight to Amazon where we purchased ours. Fun fact- the cap on the bottles also has a lock feature. Super handy but until I figured it out I thought mine was broke. Good grief!

      • Thank ladybug! I think the first time I read it I missed those beautiful red letters that said click here, click here 🙂

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