Valentines College Care Package

Valentines Care Package 1

Well, sweet lovelies, this fun little post was supposed to publish two days ago. However, I’m learning that one of the joys of a home remodel is a funny little thing called “discontinuation of services.”

{I’ve added the internet technician, Dan, to my Thanksgiving roster. He deserves a major helping of Turkey and tators. His frequent visits to our home have resulted in the addition of our phone number to his cell phone…on speed dial. THAT’S how much he’s been here. Yes. The man definitely deserves some pumpkin pie.}

Internet we can live without, but it did get a bit ugly around here when my boys didn’t have water to shower with. Today we’re clean and plugged into the web. So before that changes let me get you these ideas (and links) for Valentines college care packages.

College Care Package Contents

#1 Food…glorious food!

Home baked goods are divine but sometimes there’s not time. If you can bake some cut-out cookies or home-made granolagreat! If not, here are links for a few of our tribes favorite snacks.

Clif Energy Bars

Caveman Paleo Bars

Nothin’But Granola Cookies

#2 Money, Money, Money

Cash is king but the queen of hearts is a gift card. Online or local gift cards are always a hit. Cards for gas or nearby restaurants are the bomb. However, an online certificate (iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Zappos…to name just a few) would be equally appreciated.

#3 Water Bottles

Bottled water is not cheap and let’s face it…we’re all a bit spoiled when it comes to drinking water from the tap. Here are two links for fun water bottle options.

Filter bottle 1

Brita Water Filter Bottle

Zenfuse 1

Zenfuse Water Bottle

#4 Practical Necessities

These amenities could ranges from new socks, to a new cloth laundry bag (let’s just encourage them to burn the other one) or a roll of quarters. Whatever you can think of is sure to be of help!

#5 Impractical Professions of Love

Yup. Go for it. Go ahead and embarrass them with a personalized note that reminds them of why the care package was sent in the first place. They may not say it (ever) but a note of encouragement will go a long way when the only notes you’ve seen in recent days are in stacks of college-ruled tablets!

That’s it DoAheads! Five ideas for keeping the ones you love in the Loop of Love! Come back on Monday…Rich Chocolate Frosting (the perfect match for The Best Chocolate Cake Ever) will be featured. {Thank you Valentines. You give me an excuse for publishing anything and everything that has to do with chocolate.}

Your DoAhead Friend, 


  1. I plan to love on my college student this year with all kinds of goodies! He doesn’t have a microwave yet so I am thinking of filling one with popcorn and soup in a cup 🙂

  2. Oh, Valentine’s. This is perfect for it.

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