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Today’s DoAhead Dining is an uber fun take on Valentines in the kitchen! Contributor Jodie Barrett shares fun ideas (and images) for spicing up YOUR kitchen for the anticipated day! 

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“I love you”.

Three little words that everyone likes to hear. Twenty-three years of marriage has taught me that sometimes the words come out so easily, but they can lose sincerity.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ll keep saying those little words, but I also want to display them in small ways that whisper, “I love you”. Without speaking, I want to say, “YOU make my heart skip a beat”!

One of my favorite ways to say I love you….

Setting a beautiful table.

Table Love 1-1

Thinking back to our “newlywed days” brings back found memories. We made our home in a little trailer that was so small you could stand at our bedroom door and touch the bed!

Our kitchen countertops left a lot to be desired. They were uncovered, un-sanded plywood! Can we say splinters? But it didn’t matter to this new bride, ready to say, “I love you”, with  cloth napkins and china we received as wedding gifts.

Whether I was cooking tacos or steaks, the plywood tops received royal treatment. Whispers of love for my new man as he walked in from work.

A few years later we lived in our first apartment. One night I wanted to surprise my honey with a candlelit dinner, no special occasion. Just a moment to say to the one I adore, “you are special”.

I dusted off the china, lit the candles and served a 5-star BLT sandwich with chips! Doesn’t that scream “I love you, baby”? I guess I should have checked the cupboards and planned a menu ahead of time. No matter, love was in the air.

Table Love 5-5

My mother-in-law once told me that my honey wouldn’t notice if I decorated nicely. Ahh, but he does! He’s understands my love language. When he sees a special table set for him or my family He gets the love I’m sharing.

My children understand it too. One Valentines Day, two little toddlers and no baby sitter in sight, I set the table with flowers and candles, little paper heart napkins and special glasses. To this day my children, now teenagers, like it when I break out the little pink and red paper napkins.

Whispers of love dotted around the table.

Table Love 4-4

Below are three DoAhead ideas to make “I love you” tables simple:

  • Skip expensive. Dollar items work wonders when needing pops of color and whimsy. Construction paper is so versatile! Cut it up to make confetti, leave it whole for table runners and placemats. Pick up a few items on clearance and keep them in your stash (see create a stash 🙂 )
  • Maximize what you have. White dishes go with any occasion. Dust off those pieces you received as gifts and really use them. Moving things around makes things look new. I’ve used candles from the bedroom or what-nots from the living room.
  • Create a stash. Designate a place that holds your cute I love you tableware items. Being able to find what you need is half the battle.

Table Love 2-2

Planning ahead helps us set the stage to show a little love to our family, our friends, and even those that show up unexpectedly!

As Valentine’s Day approaches, let’s put on our pretty aprons (you’ll look so cute), break out the red and pink, and dot our tables with a message that whispers, I love you!

Table Love 3-3

Your DoAhead Friend Jodie

About Jodie Barrett

Jodie is a wife, mother of two teens, speaker, teacher and blogger! Her passion is teaching women the Word of God to help motivate and encourage them to strengthen their faith walk. She looks for joy in the everyday things like laundry, waiting in line and cooking, considering each an opportunity to share God's love with others!
Often you can find Jodie with her ministry partner Donna, teaching a Faithfully Fit exercise class or leading a Faithfully Following bible study or conference. To read more visit Jodie at Jodie is a monthly contributor at DoAhead Woman.


  1. Oh my girl! You make me feel so young just popped in my head! I have a feeling that my hubby is going to see some candles and china tonight at dinner….just because….I. Love. Him.

    Is it possible to be inspired by your very own post…..yep!!! ❤️

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