He Whispers.

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“God talks to me.”

Now there’s a phrase one should only share in certain circles.

May I be honest? When I hear someone say something like that my thought bubble takes one of three forms:

  1. I doubt it.
  2. I doubt it and I wonder if medication may be in order.
  3. I believe it.

I won’t elaborate on what criteria makes me wonder if meds are necessary. But, if I may, I’ll tell you what greatly influences my take on the other two.

I weigh what they say with what they do.

And now, this self-proclaimed “Miss Mc-Smarty Pants”, needs to look in the mirror.

Doc and I pray every day that our kids will see value in placing God first in their lives. We believe that “doing life with Christ” is the only way to be truly fulfilled. Consequently, we want it for ourselves and we want it for our kids.

Since relationships require good communication one of our prayers is that they will “hear” Him. We pray they will listen when He talks.


When God talks.

I wonder. When I place pearls before my children about the value of listening to God what does their thought bubble look like? Do they look at me and think:

  1. “If this is what hearing from God looks like I’m not sure I buy it.”
  2. “I think Mom needs meds.”
  3. “I may not understand it but I can see there’s something to this.”

What was that I said earlier? My own tool for “fruit inspection” was this: I weigh what the person says with what they do.

Miss Mc-Sparty-Pants is starting to feel uncomfortable in HER pants. Bottom line:

I screw up.

Mess up.

Muck up.

If there’s one thing on this planet I really want to get right it’s being a good Mom. But sometimes I fail my kids.

I snap.

I raise my voice.

I make THAT face.

As terrible as it sounds I can live with that. What I can’t live with is this:

Will my failings, my “what I DO” cost them the very thing I’d give anything for them to have…An intimate relationship with God.

What’s a DoAhead to do?

I keep asking God to talk to me.

I prioritize my own relationship with Christ.  Two months ago I was speaking at a MOPS meeting. One of the young mothers shared a brilliant truth.

Time with God for a Mom is no different that what a stewardess says to passengers on a plane, “Put on your own oxygen mask first,”

Inviting God into our day…taking just a few minutes with Him can and will make all the difference.  [If quiet time is a struggle check out Five Simple Steps for Taking Time with God. If (like me) you check your phone first thing in the am then try P31’s First Five app.]

And then I need to say “yes” to whatever it is He is telling me to do. The trick of course is that sometimes I need a drill sergeant to direct me and God is more tender than that.

He whispers.

When He does I’m learning that my best response is “yes”.

  • When He whispers “Speak to them softly” my “yes” shows that I’ve heard from Him.
  • When He whispers “Listen to them first, then you can talk.”  My “yes” shows that I’m relationship with Him.
  • When He whispers, “Be silent. There is nothing you can say to make this better so don’t.” My “yes” shows that I’m walking with Him.

The point isn’t to point to my “yes”. The point is ——–

Uncharacteristically good things come out of me when God whispers, and I. Say. Yes.

Over time His whispers and my “yes” represent a picture of a good, loving heavenly Father. A God that someone would want to know.

  • No doubt.
  • No meds.

Just belief. Belief and a desire to hear His whisper for one self.

That dear DoAheads is so worth the yes.

{I hope you’ll stop by the #livefree community today. Beautiful…powerful…vulnerable words are being shared about His whisper and saying “yes”! And next week? I’ll have a give away of Suzie’s up and coming book Come With Me!}

Your DoAhead Friend,



  1. Hi Cindy! My children are grown and still this momma worries. Worries that I didn’t get it right, that I let them down, that I failed to show them God’s love through my love. Thankfully whether I failed or not, God doesn’t and I see Him working in their lives. Nothing warms my heart like listening to my son-in-law pray at his dinner table, or when my daughter reads Bible stories to my infant grandson, and when my son who is going through a disappointing time at work says, “It’s alright mom. I know God has a plan.” Whispers from God to my momma heart. Thanks for your words this morning that have me reflecting on my “yes” as a mom and as God’s daughter. Your #livefree neighbor, Cindy

  2. hmmmm….so much I can relate to here Cindy. I too mess up and the mom-front is so important to me. More and more I find that God is loud and clear, I just fail to listen. I’m too busy talking over His whisper. And it’s hard to say yes to the directive I didn’t hear.

  3. Oh girl, this is powerful!!! Love it! #livefreeThursday

  4. Such wisdom here Cindy! I love how you combined hearing from God and saying yes to what He’s saying. It’s one thing to hear God, but a whole other thing to say yes! Sometimes I think I struggle more with the yes than the hearing! But I also think saying yes increases my hearing! Thanks for sharing this over at #LiveFree Thursday.

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