How to Store DoAhead Meals

Stacking food

Today’s tip seems so tiny I have to wonder if it’s post worthy…and yet! My sister-in-law showed me a storage trick for all of her DoAhead baking that I just had to share! 

The back story is that my amazing SIL baked numerous quick-breads and egg-bakes so that the large crew staying at our home over the 4th could graze in the morning. She started to stack her pre-baked goods in the fridge. They were made in aluminum pans and covered with foil.

In between each dish she layered a small piece of card board.


All that kept going through my head was—-

Why didn’t I think of that?!

I love accumulating and storing DoAhead dishes in the fridge by stacking. (So much so I’ve talked about my favorite glass stacking dishes.) However, when foil pans are called for I inevitably would risk flattening the dish below.

A thin piece of cardboard in between each pan allows the weight to be distributed evenly. No “smooshing”!

Stop back tomorrow for a more thoughtful post on what it means to be a DoAhead Woman when our world has turned upside down.

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  1. perfectly wonderful idea!

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