Seeing My Sister


Early morning found me gazing at my lonely lady.

There was a mist over the lake. Suspended tears it seemed. This time of year never fails to leave me with a sense of longing.


The docks are empty.


There’s no more giggling by the pool.


The rumble of the boat has long faded.


My lady looks over it all. Fist bump to the sky. As if to say the seasons are only that. Seasons. Not periods but commas. Pauses whose gift is perspective and appreciation for what was.


That’s exactly how I felt last night.

It’s been three months since I’ve connected with my “bible-study gals”. These are women who, truth-be-told, I didn’t know that well a year ago. The stories, laughter and tears confirmed what I had hoped. The summer had simply been a pause.

Prior to that we gathered once a week. Nearly nine months of meeting allowed us to grow in transparency with one another. But more than anything we grew in our belief that ——–

Every woman in the circle was FOR the woman sitting next to her.

I confess. I haven’t always seen my sisters like that.

My vision was obstructed by my own insecurities. I’d stay clear or keep my connection superficial because:

She’s so much more together than I.

I’ll be judged.

I’ve been hurt before…I think I’ll pass.

However, Jesus has been nudging me to step out. Take a risk. He’s been encouraging me to see other women for who they really are.

His daughters.

My sisters!

All of sudden it’s not about me.  Nope, it’s casting off my own insecurities about how I’ll be seen and learning to focus on seeing them…through His eyes, His heart.

Hurting when they hurt.

Celebrating when they celebrate.



Seeing my sisters.

Is there someone in your life that you sense God is calling you to see through the lens of “sisterhood”. If so, how do you sense He’s nudging you to respond?

“Share each others burdens…” Galatians 6:2

{Be sure to stop over today, or sometime this weekend, to Suzie’s #livefree community. You’ll be blessed. Pinky swear promise.}

Your DoAhead Friend,



  1. Beautiful my friend. I love circles of girlfriends! Simply adore when the one sitting next to you is for you. Love to laugh together, cry together, adventure together,more am together, live together!

  2. Thank you for putting words around the truth that in order to really see the needs of our sisters, we need to offer up our own insecurities for healing to the God who sees us as we are. Blessings to you!

  3. Great reminder that we have to put ourselves out of our comfort zone in order to see and be seen. I’m glad you’ve found a group to do that with! Blessings! #livefreethursday

  4. Love your description of your sisters here, Cindy! I love how you talk about pushing past our own fears for the sake of encouraging someone else. I wrote something similar to this a few weeks ago (linked to Suzie’s page even though it’s not this week’s post.) Sometimes it’s hard for me to reach out to others because I think, “Will she even want to talk to me?” But when I take the step, I find she usually really does (want to talk to me). Hope you can start meeting with your group again! Blessings!

  5. This is such a struggle for me. Thanks for your encouraging words.

  6. Dyana Bounds says:

    Beautiful Cindy! I need to push past my insecurities! Thank you for that! Love you sister! ❤️

  7. Isn’t it crazy how we ALL think “She” is so much more together than we are? The reality is that “She” doesn’t exist, except in our mind and in our insecurities. “She” is the same kind of crazy as we are and just as desperate for community and acceptance.

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