What To Do When Full Days Don’t Equal a Full Life


You know what the really great thing is about lists, organization and Doing Ahead?

You get things done.

Done things translate into LESS undone things.

Less undone things usually translates into peace…


I confess, I can get so caught up in planning ahead, looking ahead, and doing ahead that I completely miss the moment.

We live such full days do we not? However——–

I like the sense of control that comes from Doing Ahead. I get to take back a piece of my life that feels like an enemy (the enemy) wants to steal.

But then the wily bugger employs another trick.  He tempts me (even if only sub-consciously) to believe that peace, joy, and happiness will flow from met goals…desired outcomes.

Less chaos because of organization and planning does bring joy. But if joy has a strength meter I’d have to give “cray-at-bay joy” a score of five (at best). Even then my level-five joy isn’t sustainable.

It peters out about the time the first dirty sock fills my laundry basket (again). Or when the sink is full of dirty dishes (again). Or when native weeds surpass my Zinnias (again).

My joy is on a short leash. And her neck is yanked every time I fall behind.

You too?

The remedy for putting fullness back into our full days?

Trust and courage.

I love what God says about courage in Joshua 1:9. (The Voice)

 This is My command: be strong and courageous. Never be afraid or discouraged because I am your God, the Eternal One, and I will remain with you wherever you go.”

His words remind me:

  1. He is eternal.

My finite life with finite lists take on proper perspective when I recognize how big my God is.

  1. He is with me.

In the laundry room. On the road. At my desk. In hard conversations with people I love and people I don’t. There is no moment in time, no geographical location, no single uncharted situation that He is not present.

Friends, He’s got our little worlds in the palm of His hands.

When we remember this we’re able to take a step back all the while we’re moving ahead.

Our planning doesn’t have to cease.

Our DoAheads don’t have to fritter.

But the way we feel about them changes.

Will you be courageous with me?

Go shoulder to shoulder with me as we choose to trust that He’s got this. Whatever our “this” may be. I believe the result will be more joy, more life, and more fullness in our very full days!

I’ll close with a link for a song that’s been pinging around my brain big time.

Love you big.

{Be sure to stop by Suzie Eller’s #livefree community sometime this weekend. So many great thoughts are being shared on what it means to live fully in today!}

Your (breathing in, breathing out) DoAhead Friend,



  1. Timely friend!!! Very timely!

    • Every day is a busy day and then there are the craaaazy days. Praying that the next few for you are more than manageable and that His gifts of joy peek through it all. 🙂

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