Bible Memorization Made Easy!


Tucking scripture away in our hearts is important. And yet how many of us actually get it done?

I remember growing up in the church and learning verses in Sunday School and catechism. Music always seemed to help! A rhyme or poem to go with the chapters of the bible was also a great tool. But as an adult daily and/or weekly attempts at memorizing scripture have become a roller coaster for me.

I seem to go through seasons of staying with it…climb, climb, climbing towards the top!

Then utterly neglecting any form of memorization…down, down, downward I go!

Hopefully, until now.  I found an amazing app for my phone.

Scripture Typer Bible Memory System

Scripture Typer is free! There’s an upgraded paid version (there usually is 🙂 ) but the freebie seems to be plenty good enough!

I’m just learning to navigate the app so what I share today will only scratch the surface but I’m so stinkin’ excited about it I couldn’t wait until I became an “expert”! Here’s just a few of my favorite features so far:

It’s on the cover of my phone and I can set a reminder schedule so that I can look at it daily, or however many times I choose, before I “master” it. (Image in featured photos above.)

It also allows a menu for “collections”——–verses that I save for significant others or events.



Finally, it has an incredible teaching tool called an “animated word shuffle”. It’s hard to capture in still photos but when you view the verse certain words are “hidden. It’s a quick moving pattern or shuffle. I couldn’t believe how fun it made memorization!



That’s it! I’ll reiterate…the app has many more features but these few were enough to get me hooked!

Stop back tomorrow and I’ll be chatting with the #livefree community about “dancing if we feel like” (or even if we don’t)! XOXO!

Your DoAhead Friend,



  1. Thank you, Cindy! Great tips! May I suggest another helpful tool? It’s the Bible memory app Remember Me. Quizzes, games, audio, flashcards, daily goals… help you to memorize effectively and to retain verses in your long-term memory. Easy to use and available on Google Play for Families for free

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