Three Things To Keep From Feeling Like a Bad Santa!


It’s the day after Thanksgiving and I’m wondering what your holiday was like? Full as in fulfilling? Or full as in full of strife? Or BOTH!

I can’t help but think that Dickens penned these words for many of us.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…

I don’t know about you but there is so much I adore about this time of year. It. Is. Magical.

And yet, if I’m not careful, it’s also the time of year that can leave me feeling like a badger backed into a corner. Girlfriends, it’s so not pretty. Call me Grinch. Call me bad Santa. All I know is that if I’m not careful I lose sight of what’s important.

In the interest of keeping the spirit of Christmas alive I’m learning to lean on these three tenants of truth:

Forget the small stuff.

No one is coming to see our clean (or not so clean) house. They are coming to be with the people.

Let’s remind ourselves of that when crazy takes hold and we think we need to clean closets or kitchen drawers.

The reality is that when I get into one of those out of proportion cleaning frenzies it’s usually for selfish reasons. I want it done for me. Call it pride, call it OCD, call it crazy. Whatever you call it I’ve learned to push pause and ask myself,

Why am I doing this?

If it’s not something that will make a guest or family member feel more cherished or loved I’ve learned to move on.

DoAhead (seriously do it.)

I’ll never forget laughing (and crying) with my friend as she relayed the story of her worst Christmas Eve ever.

She was in the bedroom wrapping gifts as her hunny ushered the gifts out to the living room to be opened. No one had fun. She vowed it would never happen again.

Whether it’s gift giving, cooking, hosting over-night guests or traveling for the holiday, take fifteen minutes to sit down and evaluate what really needs to be done.

Grab the calendar. Set a few deadlines (give yourself room to fudge in case things don’t go according to plan.) A few examples would be:

  • Purchase gifts by no later than December 21st.
  • Wrap gifts within 24 hours of acquiring them so you don’t have to marathon the process. (Unless of course you enjoy an afternoon or evening of wrapping. If that’s the case set a deadline for your wrap-a-thon.)
  • Block out a time to get groceries when you know the store won’t be crazy busy. Early morning shopping is peaceful and totally worth the 1-2 hour sleep deficit.
  • What can you cook in advance so YOU can enjoy the holiday gathering?

Remember the big stuff.

I’m certain there were times Jesus would have been appalled by the state of my heart as I “celebrated” his birth.

Holiday madness can make me myopic. When I lose sight of what the season is really about, I unintentionally set a not-so-healthy tone that affects the rest of my family.

It’s taken me years (and plenty of failures) to recognize that wrinkled clothes for Christmas Eve, burnt lasagna, and delayed shipping do NOT hold the key to a “perfect” Christmas.

My heart holds the key and when I’m focused on the One who holds my heart the key is at the ready.

Doors of genuine joy, gratitude and giving open wide and they have nothing to do with my “perfect” meal, gifts or Better Homes & Garden tree. I experience the peace and joy God intended for the holiday. Consequently, so does my family!

I’m praying that you’re enjoying an already amazing weekend!  I’m also praying for the weeks ahead…may we all experience balance between the dones and undones, the behinds and the aheads as we keep our focus fixed on the cradle.

Monday I’ll post a super simple, DoAhead snack that is perfect for pop-in holiday guests!

Your DoAhead Friend,



  1. We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here so not so much. 🙂
    But these are good things to remember. Especially for the coming Christmas.

    Happy December, friend.

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