De-Tox and Light Eating!


The holidays are well over but I and my tribe are feeling sluggish! The feasting around our home was pretty much a constant from Thanksgiving to New Year.

Between family gatherings, office parties, kid’s activities and home baking it’s easy for light/healthy eating to get pushed off the radar!  Enter our new (quarterly) cookbook!

DoAhead De-Tox and Light Bites

If you’re already a subscriber you should have received your free copy of fifteen recipes (plus TWO bonus recipes) this past week. It has recipes for soups (the kale soup is my favorite), salads, dressings, smoothies and granola. (All of which will be making a major appearance in our home over the next couple of weeks!)

If you’re not a subscriber it’s easy to do so.  Click on “seasonal cookbook” and wallah! FREE cookbook or click here!


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