Hello…It’s me. {Winner of Book Give-Away Announced!}

Lately, I’ve been meeting a few new folks in Instagram Land. One of the things I appreciate is that they re-introduce themselves now and again.

Great idea!

May I introduce myself?

I’m Cindy. I write about Doing Ahead.

I suspect I do it for the same reason some folks study Psychology. Any Psych student I’ve ever talked to readily admitted they were drawn to the subject because they were trying to make sense of one or two of their own problems. (Did I mention one of my majors was Psychology?)

So there you have it. I’m passionate about Doing Ahead because for as long as I can remember I’ve always felt behind.

There are certainly worse things, but living what I call the “lie of behind” can leave a woman desperate for more. It was certainly true for me, but what I discovered was that I wasn’t alone.

I had just returned home from a women’s conference. It was clear this business of behind wasn’t just a matter of me feeling picked on. Other women felt the same way. It was us. And it wasn’t right.

Literal and figurative stewing ensued.

I was fretting over it all as I chopped veggies for Beef Stew. Somewhere between sliced celery and cut-up carrots DoAhead Woman was conceived. As DoAhead Woman evolved I found that practical DoAheads could help me get in front of my behind. It was totally empowering to get ahead. Even if it was just in one small area.

I also learned that DoAhead mentality could help me live above my behind. I became less bogged down by the lie that just because I couldn’t do “enough” didn’t mean I wasn’t enough. I came to terms with the fact that there will always be behinds in my life but they do not define me or my worth.

DoAhead Woman has taught me a great deal. I’m grateful for her. I’m also grateful she’s not a comic book character that wears a steel bra or Wonder Woman briefs. No she’s so much more than that.

  • She’s my friend surviving a difficult divorce by leaning hard into the strength of Christ.
  • She’s the Mom in MOPS group whose fatigue is overshadowed by a radiant smile when she talks about her littles.
  • She’s the Show Choir volunteer who reconciles numbers by day and keeps seventy-five kids organized by night.

She’s amazing.

She’s a true DoAhead woman.

She just doesn’t always know it.

Sometimes her behind…how she sees it…how she sees herself…get in the way.

And so it’s my privilege to remind her now and again of who she really is.

And when she’s up to her “you know what” in behind I get to hand her a shovel called a DoAhead and help her dig out.

Next post I’ll share a super cool biblical principle about Doing Ahead but before I go it’s time to announce the winner of Kellie Balarie’s book Fear Fighting!

Drum roll please for——–


I’ll be emailing you so I can send off your copy! Whoo Hoo!

Your DoAhead Friend,


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