10 Slam-Dunk Recipes for Easter Dinner

We are 14 days from Easter dinner. Holy ham! I have a lot to do! How about you? In case your life is as cray, cray here are some recipe links that are Easter staples around here.

This article “Five Recipes for a Slam Dunk Easter Dinner” features the following:

  1. Instructions for Cooking “the best ham ever”.
  2. Baked Hash browns Deluxe (a cheesy blend that’s awesome with ham).
  3. Green Bean Casserole (the classic dish with fried onions)
  4. Yowsa Yams (no bias here…these are seriously the best yams I’ve ever tasted.)
  5. Sunrise Salad (mandarin oranges make this bright salad the perfect complimentary dish.)

Links for five more #ForTheWin Easter Dinner recipes:

  1. Janet’s Baked Beans (I never make Easter ham without these.)
  2. Layered Lettuce Salad (bacon and crisp peas top this bad boy.)
  3. DoAhead Mashed Potatoes (these are delicious with ham OR turkey).
  4. Broccoli Slaw (running family joke…I NEVER have company without this dish on the table.)
  5. Apple Crisp (apples and ham—they just go together.)


We got this girls! No need to figure out what to eat…now we’ve just got to cook it!

Your DoAhead Friend,


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