Grandma’s CookBook!

If you’re a subscriber this will be old news but we’re so stinkin’ excited about our next quarterly cookbook we HAD to share!

Drum-roll please for——–

Grandma’s DoAhead Cookbook

The theme for this cookbook is Grandma’s recipes. We were feeling sentimental so we rounded up “vintage” recipes. We have YOU to thank for some of them! Readers submitted recipes and we featured their beloved Grandmothers names at the top (Blanche, Alice, Carmela and Janet to name a few!) Makes me smile just thinking about them!

The cookbook features fifteen recipes and one bonus (Hot Cross Buns) from three categories:

  • Grandma’s Goodies
  • Bread in You Belly
  • Meat on Your Bones

If you’re not a subscriber getting the book is a snap…no strings attached. Find the image below.

Check the “seasonal cookbook” box to subscribe. Wallah! FREE cookbook!

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