“Make Me” More Grateful Lord {Give-Away Today}

My 101-year-old grandmother said that every year passes by faster than the one before. If that’s true then it won’t be long until my birthdays start to feel like a jet-fueled revolving door!

Maybe that’s why I enjoy writing.

Butt in chair, fingers on a keyboard, nothing left to do but reflect.

No, it’s more than that.

I get to savor.

The output of words requires introspection. The result is a pat on the couch as memories are invited.

Today I’m remembering a giant Jenga of Thanksgivings. I can’t help but savor them.

  • Cousin time.
  • Raisin laden stuffing.
  • Horseback riding (when the snow wasn’t flying).
  • Family members, long gone, who laughed and told stories.

Gratitude and frustration intertwine my sentiment.

Gratitude for what I’ve had and continue to have.

Frustration that I so quickly forget His goodness to me.

What’s a girl to do? Carry a laptop so she’s forced to write three times a day? Probs not. And so I find myself asking,

Lord, make me more grateful.

His response?

A pat on the couch and an invitation.

“Sit with me. Spend a little time with me. The thing you desire isn’t a quest. It’s an evolution. You can’t change you. But you can trust me to make the change in you.”

His words echo like end-of-fall leaves rustling in the breeze.

Trust me to make the change.

I believe He will. But I also know that He sometimes uses tools to reach me.

Last week my beautiful friend Mitzi from Peacefully Imperfect shared her new book on gratitude. Today I want to introduce you to my friends Jana (Sweet to the Soul) and Jodi (Faithfully Following). They’ve just released a beautiful study called Everyday Thanksgiving.

(Click here for journaling kit!)

These tools won’t make any of us more grateful, but they will usher in time with the One who makes the changes we desire.

I have my own copy of the book and I can’t wait to put one in your hands. Leave a comment here or over on Facebook. We’ll draw a winner and announce them November 16th!

(Click for pdf. of Day Tags.)

I’ve already started reading mine. I think time with Him is already rubbing off. I can say with tremendous certainty…I’m incredibly grateful for you! 🙂

Hugs & Blessings,



  1. And I’m thankful for you and your generous spirit!

  2. I’m grateful to know so many encouraging and inspiring women, like you and Jana, Cindy! Blessings, friend.

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