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Christmas Travel

There is a certain irony in this chick posting travel tips. You see, I’m not a world traveler. I’ve been blessed to land in various parts of the globe but only because I follow the one I love and Doc ends up in some pretty remote places.

{Technically,we’re the ones that are remote. South Dakota is not exactly a metropolis.}

The truth of the matter is that I’m a home body. Maybe that’s why travel tips are important to me. Traveling can make me feel out of sorts. Each time I take a trip and learn something that makes it feel, well…homey, I want to share.

Such was the case a few weeks ago. [Read more…]

Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo.

Mt. RushMore by Cody Clem

Did you know that “Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo.” is a sentence?

My fifteen year old son shared this amazing bit of trivia with me just this week.
In fact, if you like, you can take it a step further. Try this:

“Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.”

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Bag It!

Bags for Jewelry

When you’re traveling on the fly-literally and figuratively little pouches are a must. The pouches in the featured photo are the bomb when it comes to keeping jewelry from tangling when you travel. (If you want to order organza pouches check out The Suitcase Shuffle post for a link.) [Read more…]

Labor Day Staycation


Labor Day weekend is a great opportunity to get away from home with the fam. It is also a wonderful time to hang out at home with the fam. Our tribe has done it both ways but lately ——–

We’ve been in STAYCATION mode.

The kids are older and busy with camps. Doc and I have had travel commitments. The bottom line is that it feels good to be home.  But there’s a risk. Even when the calendar has graced us with a day off it’s tempting to live life “business as usual”. And so I began to wonder what the upcoming weekend might hold for our family. I couldn’t help but think back to our family vacations. As I reminisced I came to an amazing conclusion. Aside from national parks and tourist attractions, the most cherished aspects of our family trips could easily be duplicated in our dwelling!

So here you go sweet DoAheads, our tribes five favorite things to do on vacation——-and each one is doable at home! [Read more…]

Uber App

Uber App 1

A  few months ago DoAhead Destination featured several fun travel apps. Recently I and the eldest Darling were able to take a short trip to the BIG city (NYC). Thanks to a tip from friend we were able to make use of yet another cool app. As the featured photo shows its called Uber.

I had never heard of it before.  I’m not a globe trotter and the app is only available in large cities. Their website reads,

Get a taxi, private car or rideshare from your mobile phone. Uber connects you with a driver in minutes. Use our app in cities around the world.”

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Pack Like a Pro

Pack Like a Pro

Last week Darling #2 was prepping to pack. Just as she was about to begin her whirlwind transition of clothes from her closet to her carry-on her phone chimed. It was a pic from her dear friend H.B. The friend texted a photo of her packing preparations. It  featured clothes in organized piles with labels on top for each day and event.

I gasped.

She’s a DoAhead Woman in the making!

My daughter giggled at her nerdy mother but then gave me a sheepish look and said, “I think that’s a great idea Mom.” I stopped the excited pitter-patter of my heart and uttered with mustered non-nonchalance, “Sure, if you really want to.” [Read more…]