Plan to UnPlan

Travel Plans

Ok girlfriends. It’s time to talk about spontaneity. As you know, a primary purpose of DoAhead is planning, thinking and Doing Ahead so we can get the work done and get to the fun!

All good!

HOWEVER, like most things in life bliss comes from balance. The caveat with Doing Ahead is making sure the DoAhead doesn’t become the goal. It is merely the means to an end! [Read more…]

Meet Bab’s

Babs the Bag

Travel bags are indispensable when making trips.  And nothing is much more helpful than a big ol’ hobo bag. Whether traveling by plane, train or automobile it’s handy to have one Big Awesome Bag! Let’s face it, we could all use a Bab’s.

You can see my sister’s Bab’s in the photo above. (She’s the big black hobo bag in the background.)  Bab’s was recently purchased from a Calvin Klein outlet. Huge savings. Huge bag. Huge fun!

It’s just that sometimes those big awesome bags make for a HUGE MESS!

You know what I’m talking about. All your stuff lands on the bottom. You end up with both arms inserted up to your pits as you grope blindly trying to find your keys, chap stick or phone. [Read more…]

Travel Apps

travel apps

In less than 24 hours I will  have the pleasure of jumping on a plane and heading to Chicago for a sister trip. What a treat! And yet, I recognize travel is not so special for those who have to do it constantly.  And so I had to ask what tips could make travel easier for those who are on the go more than I. My mind quickly went to Apps.

It didn’t take long to find the top ten recommended apps for travel. Although they all sounded super cool we’ll spotlight  just three of them today. [Read more…]

Leaving in Layers!

Closet Rod

Doc recently had a business trip to a warmer climate. (Of course it wasn’t hard to find a warmer climate since lately we’ve been sporting sub-zero temperatures of negative 40 degrees.)  (Lovely.)

Dressing for a transition from cold weather to warm required a bit of layering. Here’s what it looked like for this DoAhead: [Read more…]


VW 2

 “Take On Me.”

Today’s DoAhead Destination may be a stretch.

It IS about cars.

It IS about getting away (mentally).

It is also very funny.

It’s a VW commercial. [Read more…]

Have Bag, Will Travel


Are any Mom’s out there wondering if they are coming or going? I wanted to objectively assess the crazy comings and goings at our house so I did  little math. We have three teens. Each teen participates in 3 or more activities at any given time. Activities range from music lessons, to jobs, to church, to plays, band, and booster clubs. You get the drift.  According to my calculations our family can have up to 10 destinations in one week. Good grief!

The good news is, generally speaking, we get to wherever it is we need to go. The bad news is, sometimes we arrive lacking “this or that”. For example, [Read more…]