Embracing Our Sister’s Needs

Today’s post is a link up to my dear friends Jodie and Donna over at Faithfully Following Ministries. They are midway through their delightful online study. I’ve been sharing posts on the study over on Facebook and Instagram. If you missed them please know it’s not too late!

This week yours truly is hooking up to share about how we can embrace our sister’s needs. My honest answer? [Read more…]

Worth the Trip

It’s early Saturday morning and there’s a fog clinging to the lake. Much needed moisture is suspended in the air. I pray every thirsty thing is able to drink it up.

As I ponder the state of dry ground I catch myself asking “Is my soul dry as well?” It’s Easter. I’ll say it again, EASTER.  How can I possibly feel nonchalant about today, the Saturday sandwiched between Good Friday and Easter Sunday?

I’ll tell you how. Busy. Too busy. Beautiful busy…crazy busy…with kids, spouse, church, community.  But beautiful and crazy can turn ugly and manic on a dime, especially when I lose sight of what’s important. Today my soul tells me it’s important to stop and remember. [Read more…]

No More Missed Opportunities

Two times in one week I missed an opportunity. Two times.

And honestly, those are just the two times I am aware that I missed something.

These opportunities were not by definition anything that would promote me to a better place. No, these were opportunities to assist another in need. They were placed right in front of me and I was just too busy (my polite way of saying self-absorbed) to be bothered. [Read more…]

When Everything is Not Okay

When life slams us to the ground. When things are not the way they are “supposed to be.” When all our good intentions and plans and efforts turn to rubble at our feet.

When that thing or person or relationship we worked so hard toward, fought relentlessly for, vowed to never give up on…gives up on us, walks out on us, dies on us.

The hurt is so intense, it pulses with every heartbeat. The uncertainty so thick, every step is a blind stumble. The fear so raw, we swear we can feel our spirits bleed. [Read more…]

When You Ask You Must Believe…{Yikes!}

Winter landscape with snow

Have you ever doubted a promise from God because deep down you believed the promise depended on you?

Been there. Done that.

Thank heaven that’s not how it works!  If you’ve ever felt the same I hope you’ll stop over to Deeper Waters Ministry. I’m tickled to share some thoughts on a portion of scripture from the book of James. [Read more…]

Living Life Abundantly

Last week I shared how sick and tired I was about feeling so stinkin’ behind. My parents were DoAhead people and they fared darn well. They inspired me.

Butt (that was on purpose) before I latched on to their way of life I wanted to study their way of life. I wanted to see what others had to say about this this business of catching up, keeping up and getting ahead of the behind. I looked online for information about being uber organized but often I ended up feeling worse instead of better. The “tricks” would work for awhile but than I’d fall off the wagon.

Lord, there’s got to be a better way.

I started to pray about it. As I read my bible I would ask God to help me be as “on top of it” as possible. Turns out God is a fairly organized chap. It was downright thrilling to uncover all He had to say on the matter. At the end of the day I discovered Five DoAhead Principles. I hope they bless you as much as they have me. Today I’ll share the first.

[Read more…]