Time For Tomatoes!

Tomato Water Wall

Today’s post is a gardening tip that my partner in crime (aka. sister) and I have utilized when planting tomatoes. South Dakota is about two states too far north for my liking. I wouldn’t trade her countryside for the world but I’d take the longer, warmer growing season that Kansas has to offer in a blink. [Read more…]

Home Poems

Home Poem

The need…the itch…the yearning…the whatever you want to name the call to spring clean continues to resonate loud and clear in me. In an effort to honor the siren of the cleaning goddess I decided to share a cute tip I found on line for helping the little’s (and sometimes not so little’s) do their part in keeping the home in order. [Read more…]

Sprung for Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning 1

Spring Cleaning.

These two words muster a myriad of responses.

Some folks embrace deep cleaning. Some folks run from it.

My gut tells me that a lot of you are like me…you love it when you can get it done but the crazies of life make it more and more difficult to accomplish!

I have to confess, bona fide Spring Cleaning is a distant memory for me.  I remember a time in my life when I honest to gosh did a deep cleaning over every nook and cranny of my home.

Time’s they be a changin’. [Read more…]

Three Sack System to Clean Drawers {And I Don’t Mean Underwear}

PaperSacks 1

Last Friday I was eager to share a simple but effective “clean out your drawers” tip. However, our uninvited guest (Influenza A) made cues on cleaning feel about as relevant as asking a hungry man if he wanted a manicure.

I kept my conscious clear by offering flu-fighting suggestions instead. Oh, how I hope “ya’ll” stayed clear of the nasty stuff.

This week the manicure doesn’t sound so bad. So, today I’ll share an embarrassingly simple strategy for going through the old so you can usher in the new. I started this practice with my kiddos when they were in elementary school. It really works! [Read more…]

Countdown to Christmas

Advent Calendar

In seven days we’ll be celebrating the most wonderful birthday ever.

Seven. Days.

For some, the countdown leaves us breathless as we anticipate the arrival of loved ones. For others, we can’t wait for a day or two away from work.

But for many, the seven day countdown is a hybrid of joyful expectancy and angst-filled panic over all that remains to be done.

Deadlines so close they feel like they are whistling over my head make me uptight. None of us wants to be uptight at Christmas but it happens. Could I share three tips that I have found incredibly helpful for dealing with deadlines? [Read more…]

Open Hearts, Open Homes


Hey ya’ll! {I’m practicing my southern dialect. I get to blog hop over to my southern friends site today!} Jodie was a guest here on Doahead a month or so ago. She lent us her enthusiasm and inspiration for fitness. Well, today I’m over at her spot where I’m hoping to lend a little inspiration to our homes for the holiday! Come visit me at Faithfully Following!

I’ll be back on Monday  with words to encourage ya’ll this busy, crazy, wonderful time of year!

See you over at Jodie’s!

Your DoAhead Friend,