Caramel Corn

Caramel Corn 1

Yes. I’m still on the corn “thing”. Forgive me?

This time the sweet treat involves a little brown sugar. Messy to make. But a mess worth making! [Read more…]

Oatmeal Bake


The weather is getting chilly in South Dakota. That means several things:

  • I can’t get the dog to go potty outside.
  • We’re scrambling to get outdoor work done (because heavens——–it has been known to snow in October.)
  • My tribe and I are hankering for warm, filling meals in the morning.

[Read more…]

Rhubarb Crunch

Last Spring I shared a fantabulous recipe from my amazing BIL for a Rhubarb Cake. In the event, you’re in need of another rhubarb option look no further than today’s recipe! It’s fast, easy and the perfect combination of sweet and tart! [Read more…]

Janet’s Baked Beans

Baked Beans 1

The grill is fired! The burgers are “charring”. The ripened melon is ready to be cut but something is missing. For us it’s baked beans! These bad boys take just minutes to mix. We pop them in the oven, set the timer and Bam! Beans dripping in molasses, bacon and a dot of sugar cap off the perfect summer plate! [Read more…]

Rhubarb Ramblings!

Rhubarb 1

Today’s DoAhead Dining post is from my amazing BIL “Uncle Greg”. Greg is our family’s resident “Emeril”. He. Can. Cook. He loves to create new concoctions in the kitchen and although we may be biased, we think He does it incredibly well! I consider myself lucky to feature some of his gems here on DoAhead. Today he’s sharing a tasty Rhubarb treat! Here’s a quick word from Greg! [Read more…]

Apple Crisp

Green Apples 1

Sun. Clouds. Warm. Cool. Rain. Dry. FOR THE LOVE! South Dakota has lived up to her name of  “Land of Infinite Variety”. The weather cannot make up it’s mind. So, in the interest of having a sense of pseudo-control over the matter I’ve decided to take things into my own hands (actually into my own kitchen). [Read more…]