A-maizing Corn Bread

Corn Bread 1

I was tempted to inundate you with a ton of corny jokes. I restrained myself and limited it to the title.

This will be my last in a series of “corny” recipes (and they all sigh with relief). [Read more…]

Buttermilk Cheese Biscuits


You had me at biscuit.  Seriously, I might even choose these bad boys over Tom Cruise.

This simple take on a baking powder biscuit is the perfect side for entree’s like fish, steak or soup. The garlic and cheese transform an already tasty, flaky biscuit into an over-the-top treat. [Read more…]

Rhubarb Crunch

Last Spring I shared a fantabulous recipe from my amazing BIL for a Rhubarb Cake. In the event, you’re in need of another rhubarb option look no further than today’s recipe! It’s fast, easy and the perfect combination of sweet and tart! [Read more…]

Chocolate Zucchini Cake

Zucchini CakeGarden’s are beginning to brim with their bounty! In keeping with God’s provision of seasonal fruits and vegetables we’ll spend the next few weeks focusing on recipes that feature garden items!

Today’s gem of a recipe uses grated Zucchini to add moisture to a simple, frosting-less cake. [Read more…]

Easy-To-Make Dump Bars {Kid-Friendly!}

Dump BarI still remember how crazy life was when I lamented to my friend “I need a chocolate bar recipe that’s fast and easy.”

My kids were much smaller but each was headed a million directions— all at a million miles an hour. Of course, that didn’t stop the need for treats at school or a friends slumber party. A box mix is great in a pinch but sometimes one hankers for variety! [Read more…]

Rhubarb Ramblings!

Rhubarb 1

Today’s DoAhead Dining post is from my amazing BIL “Uncle Greg”. Greg is our family’s resident “Emeril”. He. Can. Cook. He loves to create new concoctions in the kitchen and although we may be biased, we think He does it incredibly well! I consider myself lucky to feature some of his gems here on DoAhead. Today he’s sharing a tasty Rhubarb treat! Here’s a quick word from Greg! [Read more…]