Garlic Mashed Potatoes (with Cauliflower!)

Thanksgiving is one leaf drop away! Many of us are thinking about the meal whether it be consuming, cooking, or both!

Today I’m sharing a recipe today for garlic mashed potatoes made from cauliflower. You seriously can not taste the cauliflower. But if the thought of no spuds is hard on the crew try using both.  You’ll give your

standard mashed potatoes a nutritional boost by incorporating cauliflower. [Read more…]

Popcorn Balls

Popcorn Ball 1

Something is wrong. I should be posting about chocolate. After all, it IS the month of love and chocolate.

But the reality is all I can think about is corn. [Read more…]

Homemade Beef Stock

Beef Broth 1

Today’s DoAhead Dining features another simple but tasty broth recipe (shout out again to my sister-in-law!)

Broth is so versatile. It’s awesome to have on hand for when you need something super light (but warm) to accompany a salad or sammie. It’s also  great for quick starts to a heartier meal.  Keep the meat, add it and a few veggies or noodles and Wahlah! You have a stand alone meal! [Read more…]

Homemade Chicken Stock

Chicken Broth 1

Another January recipe for light eating…homemade broth!

The plus? It’s also the bomb for when (hopefully “if”) you or your loved ones make a date with a virus during the cold and flu season.  [Read more…]

Turkey Soup


Last weeks post was hopefully your coup de grace for a full-fledged DoAhead Thanksgiving. Today’s recipe is intended to help you think ahead with regards to your turkey leftovers!

Our tribe tends to have plenty of Tom Turkey left. We’re blessed to have “Shro” (our amazing BIL) turn it into a second round of delicious fixings in the form of soup! [Read more…]

Crunchy Veggie Hot-Dish


Truth. This dish was initially titled “Vegetable Casserole.” However approximately a decade ago a certain 6’4″ member of our family declared abolition against casseroles of any type.

Funny…I haven’t made “cassserole” ever since. 🙂  [Read more…]