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Hey it’s me…Cindy!

Here’s a couple of tidbits to introduce you to DoAheadWoman.

Tidbit #1 – I’m a DoAhead Woman!  I want to seize, squeeze and tease every ounce of inspiration I can from life.

Tidbit #2 –  I confess I get a thrill out an organized drawer, a meal in the freezer, or a well planned trip BUT I don’t pee my pants with joy over these things.

Tidbit #3 – I’d spent the rest of my days in Depends if I thought every woman on the planet could seize more inspiration out of life because of an organized drawer, a meal in the freezer, or a well planned trip.

Tidbit #4 – The culmination of Tidbits 1,2,& 3?  DoAhead Woman…a place where women can spur each other on so they can:

                                    Minimize Perspiration…

                                                             Maximize Inspiration!

Here at DoAhead I’m excited to share “how-to’s”, humor, and horse-sense so that you too can aspire to live higher. I will help you:

 1. Recognize DoAhead opportunities that surround you in everyday life.

2. Diminish tendencies to procrastinate…your war cry will be, “DO IT NOW!”

3. Apply practical and concrete tips to seize those DoAhead moments.

4. Discover inspiration as you recognize the divine in the grind.

5. Find freedom to inspire higher as you discover truths about yourself and God.

I’ll close with a couple tidbits about me.

I’m a DoAhead Woman. I’m not perfect (that would make me the Deluded Woman).  But I’ve had 20 years to glean tips on living life inspired.

Fun Photo of Family

Here’s our most recent Christmas Pic. It’s a tad updated. As you can see we all grew facial hair since the last portrait. Something in the air?

Groucho Family-DoAhead Page

I’m a South Dakota girl (I do dirt better than I do water).

Praire Dirt

I’m married to “Doc” (hands down the handsomest man on the planet).

Photo of me & Doc

Matthew, our eldest, is 6”4”. He says “Good night Ma” with a kiss on top of my head. My heart flutters every time.

Matthew-DoAhead Page

Taylor, is the queen of the family. Rightly so…her heart is made of pure gold.

Standing in Alley Cropped for DoAhead Page

James, the youngest, is the blue eyed darling. He can wrangle permission from his Mama for about anything (but I’m still gonna whoop him at Chess.)

James-DoAhead Page

When I’m not DoingAhead I keep on an even keel by watching South Dakota sunsets and eating far more chocolate than vegetables.

Prairie Sunset

Are you ready to become a DoAhead Woman too?

{If you’d like to get to know me more click on the link I Believe. I’ll tell a short story (things are always better with a story) and then I’ll share ten tenants of my faith.}

Your DoAhead Friend,

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