How to Store DoAhead Meals

Stacking food

Today’s tip seems so tiny I have to wonder if it’s post worthy…and yet! My sister-in-law showed me a storage trick for all of her DoAhead baking that I just had to share!  [Read more…]

A Place For Everything

Bamboo Storage 1

Oh girlfriends! It has been busy ’round here. The reno of my hubby’s family home is nearing completion. That means I get to do two things I love:

  1. Clean
  2. Organize

Doc laughed the other day as he caught the gleam in my eye as I waltzed in the door. My Walmart sacks were brimming with drawer organizers and baskets!

Today’s post will be short and sweet (contractors seem to arrive early and leave late these days) but if you’re in the market for a few organizers perhaps these items will be just what you’re looking for! [Read more…]